Monday, 25 April 2011

Halana magazine, speaking of avant garde

Looking through my old Soulseek folder, I found a 5 page interview with japanese avant garde multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino which I never got around to reading. Google reveals it was originally published in the issue #2 of Chris Rice's Halana, a magazine which profiled some of the key figures of contemporary avant garde music; touching on styles as wide as the minimalism of La Monte Young, the Americana folk guitar wizardry of John Fahey, Pauline Oliveros's pioneering electronic explorations and the free jazz and improvisation of the likes of pianist Matthew Shipp and guitarist Derek Bailey.
First published in 1996 and running for 4 issues until 1999, in printings of a couple thousand, each edition included a unique CD or 7" record to accompany the literature.

Some highlights are interviews with minimalist pioneers La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela in #1; filmmaker Tony Conrad and electro-acoustic composer Pauline Oliveros in #2; guitarist John Fahey and minimalist Charlemagne Palestine in #3; Sun City Girls guitarist Sir Richard Bishop in #4; and a monumental offering in #5 with 1950's French electronic music composer Eliane Radigue, modern Spanish composer Francisco Lopez and guitar wrangler Derek Bailey.

You can still order the 4th issue through the website though it seems #5 was in the works until 2004 but never made it out. The first three appear to be sold out which is a pity, though you can still find some of the transcripts with a quick Google search.

You can hear excerpts of Derek Bailey & Keiji Haino's 1996 collaboration "Drawing Close, Attuning..." on TBR!'s 3rd transmission from January 2010. More to come with the 4th instalment of Channelling the Spirit of Jazz, very soon...

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