Sunday, 17 June 2012

120617 ep. 30 with Gábor Kerekes,
visual artist from Budapest

A chance encounter with Hungarian artist Gábor Kerekes led to a collaboration at last night's Felix Music Night at Imperial College London. To the sounds of student bands and DJs, Gábor concocted liquid projections based on glycerin and food colouring, reminiscent of the heady experiments of the late 1960s.

Gábor is a graphic artist from Budapest, passing through London, destination Den Haag. His work explores the organic aspects of the mind and the forms of nature through photography, digital collages and liquid interactions on overhead projections (photo above). You can see his artwork on flickr or follow him on fb.

Tonight we talked about his methods and recent graphic experiments, which he hopes to one day connect with music in analogue synergy. It turns out our musical tastes a sizeable common ground, from psychedelics to post-punk, experimental electronics and hip-hop. Conversation also turned to the wonders of but does it float and the visionary CRT TV feedback experiments of Korean artist Nam June Paik.
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AL QUETZ Kalakuta
AL QUETZ Herb from the Kingdom of Saba
TORO Y MOI Talamak
ARTHUR RUSSELL Calling Out of Context
LUKID Wonder Years
MUX MOOL Wax Rose Saturday (Remux Edit)

Talking with G.K.

SHOGUN KUNITOKI Vinonaamakasio
FLYING LOTUS Raw Cartoons #5 aka Melbourne Marvels #7
TEEBS Cook, Clean, Pay the Rent (New House Version)
J DILLA Reckless Driving
ANIKA Yang Yang
ALOG Objects Began to Appear from the Future

Sunday, 10 June 2012

120610 ep. 29 summer songs again

Someone should tell me term ain't over yet. Still celebrating the summer time with a dollop of lovely tunes to procrastinate to. From Vietnamese hip-hop to hispanic psychotropicalia, musical genius from the land of Chocolate and forgotten radio broadcasts from the City of Angels. All in all, a wonderful welcome for the sunny season. Nevermind the rain.
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EXILE Stay Tuned (here)
DIMLITE Firevomit (O.D.N.)
PRINCE FATTY That Very Night in Dub ft. HOLLIE COOK
ONRA Relax in Mui Ne
CAN Vitamin C
FENNESZ Endless Summer
ALGO RITMICO Diamante Mandarin
FLYING LOTUS Raw Cartoons #8
EXILE Your Summer Song
JONWAYNE Alice in Wonderland
MR. OIZO Bad Start

By the way, the 5th Felix Music Night is happening at Imperial College this Saturday.
It's going to be way cool.
You should totally join the party.
I learned to sing just for the occasion. My band is called Nipples.