Saturday, 5 March 2011

High light: PEAKING LIGHTS "936"

Peaking Lights (Aaron Coyes & Indra Dunis) have already made some of the most beautiful music I've laid ears to. Just listen to "Silver Tongues Soft Whispers" from their Imaginary Falcons LP and you'll hear what I mean. When they played Barden's Boudoir some time last winter, a small basement in North London, to a small gathering of people, I was utterly in rapture with their huggy grooves and psychotropic leads. It's the sort of music you'll close your eyes to and dance around to in your room. Like lying down on a cloud and waiting for the stars to move.

To make things better, Aaron had a suitcase full of homemade electronics. Bent circuits, rainbow wires, bits & pieces from dead appliances. I'm studying this stuff at uni so I just had to ask. "Trial & error & loads of solder burns." Soldering irons burn at 300ÂșC by the way.

I just heard some cuts from their freshest offering "936" and it has absolutely made my morning! Bouncing drums, liquid strings and the voice of sun light. I could make all sorts of metaphors to grass, the tropics and fuzzy currents but you really should hear it for yourself. Peaking Lights will brighten your life.

Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

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